Crochet Produce Bag

 Who needs plastic produce bags, when you've got your very own homemade bag!

It may look little...but it can really hold a lot! What's that in my bag you ask? Well let me tell you.
3 Grapefruits
3 Cuties
and a Tangelo

Better yet, you're bound to get compliments as bountiful as the produce you're purchasing.

Click here for the Printable Pattern

You'll need 1 crochet hook, size I(9), and a skein of cotton yarn. I like to use Lily Sugar N' Cream. Wait for a coupon or a sale from your local craft store, then stock up!


Chain 13

  Single crochet(sc) to the second to last chain(ch). Sc 3 in the last chain. Do not turn (when you turn the piece in regular crochet, you flip it over and crochet back in the opposite direction), instead, turn the piece upside down and single crochet in the underside of your original chain. Sc 3 in the last stitch. Instead of crocheting back and forth like normal, you will be crocheting in a counter clockwise oval.

 Continue to sc around the piece 2 more times, crocheting 3 sc in the stitch at the end of the row on each side. After the last round is complete, slip stitch(sl) into the next stitch.

Ch 3, skip a stitch, and sc into the next stitch. Repeat all the way around.

 Double Crochet into the next loop (this is the first loop of the round you just completed). Ch 3 then sc into the next loop. Repeat all the way around: Ch 3 then sc in the next loop.

You will double crochet into the first loop of the round you just completed each time you begin a new round. Continue to ch 3 then to sc into each loop for each round.

 Continue around until you have reached just below the desired height of your bag (you will add 2 rows of single crochet. Plus, don't forget the bag will sttrrreeetttcchh). I like to keep it at about 15-16 rounds.
 Sl into the next stitch, then ch 1. Sc 2 into the next loop then sc 1 into the stitch just after the loop. Repeat Around: Sc 2 into the next loop then sc 1 into the stitch just after the loop.
Sl into the first stitch of the round when you come back to it, then ch 1. Sc all the way around.

Flatten the bag out, so that it's lined up with the length of the bottom oval (like above photo). Find the middle stitch on top row of single crochets on the side of the bag that you're crocheting on (just approximate it by eyeballing it). The base of the handle will be 12 single crochets, so count 6 stitches from the center stitch towards the right to find out where the handle will begin. It may not be exactly where your hook is. If it's not, then just slip stitch over to where the handle should begin.
At the starting place for the handle, ch 1, then sc 12 across.  Ch 1 and turn (now you're crocheting back and forth, instead of in an oval). 
Sc 2 together, sc 8 across, sc 2 together. Ch 1 and turn.
Sc 2 together, sc 6 across, sc 2 together. Ch 1 and turn.
Sc 2 together, sc 4 across, sc 2 together. Ch 1 and turn. .
Sc 2 across, sc 2 together, sc 2 across. Ch 1 and turn.
Sc across, ch 1 and turn. Repeat 19 more times.
Sc 2 across, sc 2 into next stitch, sc 2 across. Ch 1 and turn.
Sc 2 into first stitch, sc across, sc 2 into last stitch. Ch 1 and turn. Repeat 2 more times.
(sorry I don't have pictures for the handle!)

To find the center for where to attach the second handle, count the number of stitches from where the first handle attaches around to where it ends (there should be somewhere around 40 stitches). Divide the number by 2 and that will give you the number of stitches to count from one side of the handle towards the other side to get you to the center. Turn the bag inside out and match the center of the handle with the center that you just found. Your hook will be facing the wrong way, so flip it around the right way and put it back through the loops. Crochet the handle to the bag, matching the stitches of the handle up with the stitches on the bag as you go. After crocheting across, hold up your bag to ensure that the handle is centered. If not, pull out the stitches, recenter and crochet it on again. Tie off and work the tail into your work (I like to weave it in to where I crocheted the handle on, making little knots as I go for added reinforcement). 

You're done! Turn the bag right side out and go shoppin', or, if you're feeling really fancy, embellish your bag with a cute flower.


  1. Better yet, crochet this little lovely out of used plastic grocery bags and recycle while you're at it! Same stretchiness, same washability. XOXOX

  2. Good call Kara!!! Also, I had no idea that items crocheted with plastic bags were washable. Thanks for the tip. XOXO

  3. Okay, done with previous project. Tonight I start crocheting this in plastic. Will advise how it turns out.

    <3 you, miss you,xoxox


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