T-Shirt Friendship Bracelet

 Here's a super easy friendship bracelet that you can make using an old T-Shirt.  You can make one for yourself and a matching one for your friend too. Best Friends Forever!

 1. Find an old shirt
2. Cut 4 strips from the center of the shirt. If the shirt is thin and stretchy, cut the strips 1" to 1.5" thick. If they're thick and less stretchy, cut the strips 0.5" thick.

3. Cut each ring of fabric along one of the seams

4. Tie all 4 strips together in one knot.

5.Find a way to anchor down the knot. A good option is to clip the knot with a binder clip and to put the bottom arm under a chair. You can also stick the knot between your toes. It's a friendship bracelet, a real friend wouldn't mind your toe jam, right?

6. To make the steps easy, I'll number the strips. The strip furthest on the left will be 1 and the rightmost strip will be 4, with 2 & 3 in between. Cross strip 1 over top of strip 2.

7. Bring strip 1 around strip 2 and up through the center.

8. Gently pull strip 1 up towards the top, keeping strip 2 taught. Keep the knot a little loose, not cinching it all the way.

9. Repeat, using strip 1 to make a knot around strips 3 & 4. 

10. Continue the process, working from left to right, until you have reached the desired length. Always starting the new row with the strip on the far left. 

You can finish off the bracelet by tying it onto your friend. If your strips are long enough, you can tie a cute bow. I think it looks better if you use a machine to sew the bracelet together (be sure to untie the knot from step 4 before attempting to sew the bracelet together). You can match up the strips and sew them together individually, but I just bunch them together, flatten them out to the width of the bracelet and send them through the machine, with the needle as close to the start and end of the bracelet as possible. There should be enough stretch, so that you can pull the bracelet on over your hand once it is sewn. P.S. make sure that everything is pulled taught before running it through the machine, and don't bother trying to sew in reverse, unless you liked jammed machines.

I used white thread for the example, but be sure to use matching thread on your bracelet, so it's not as noticeable. 

Here's me, using the floor as a work space, and a chair to anchor my bracelet. 

I'm sorry, coco, but I promise you, The shirt will go to good use!


  1. You're so talented! I love those bracelets, and I even have some unused clothes...now I have no excuse not to make some!

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